average cost owning sugar glider

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The average common gray sugar glider cost is around $200; however, they range in price from $100-$300. The average sugar glider price is less from a pet.
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average cost owning sugar glider

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Learn how much it costs to purchase and raise a sugar glider in this free pet care video on .. Place the cage in an area that is an average room temperature.
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average cost owning sugar glider

Sugar Gliders.

What is the average price to buy a sugar glider (or two, if they need to be in at least a pair). I have seen grays sold in pet stores for $250 each.
The shipping cost is $149 to ship through United Airlines and $239 to ship through. A: As your average pet store isn't equipped with the latest in sugar glider.
On average, they leave the pouch at about 70 days of age. And they are. There are regulations to keeping any type of pet.. Prices for sugar gliders generally range from $100 to $450, with some reports of gliders selling for as much as $600.
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